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Conselis has specialized knowledge and skills in integrating IMOS 3D with CAD/CAM and drafting systems. This expertise enables Conselis to establish seamless connections between IMOS 3D and various software platforms for computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing and drafting. This allows the company to provide effective solutions that match customers' specific needs and workflows, optimizing the functionality and efficiency of the systems.

What can we help you with?

We understand the value of efficient 3D software. Conselis takes your IMOS experience to the next level by providing custom solutions and enhancements that streamline and optimize your production process. Our expertise also includes fine-tuning machine controls for maximum performance. From precision to speed, we make sure your machines are running at peak performance.

CAD/CAM Integration

  • CAD/CAM applications serve for both product design and programming of manufacturing processes, primarily in CNC machining.
  • CAM software uses models and assemblies from CAD software to generate tool paths that control machine tools. Thus, designs are converted to physical parts.
  • CAD/CAM software is used to design and produce prototypes, finished parts and production runs.

imos AG Integration

  • Our support extends to furniture and interior manufacturers across the entire process chain, from sales, planning, presentation, design to production, facilitated by imos software.
  • The software integrates industry-specific 3D design tools with modern machinery and advanced communication platforms.
  • This integration allows cost-effective realization of both individual pieces of furniture and complex interior concepts, enabling efficient execution.

Optimization and integration of machines

  • Define essential production and machine data: production lists, cutting data, CNC data, etc.
  • Minimize different types of data interfaces.
  • Engineering optimization for furniture design.
  • Improve the efficiency of production processes.

Product Configuration

  • Principles for modeling product configurations include various approaches such as rule-based, dimension-based and constraint-based modeling.
  • Configurators serve as a fundamental tool that allows manufacturers to implement mass customizations tailored to individual customers.
  • Understanding these principles is essential to understanding the basics of product configuration so that manufacturers can efficiently meet customer-specific requirements.

What is iMOS?

iMOS develops and distributes software solutions for companies that custom design, plan, automate and market furniture and furnishing elements directly to the market. iMOS is an intelligent connection to machines - directly from CAD

iMOS solutions for integration

Integration instead of interfaces - security and full depth of information during data exchange.
Configuring instead of programming: The iX Integration Server connects the end-to-end order and production process with external systems such as ERP, MES or sales applications. Similarly, third-party cloud services (machine manufacturers/supplier industry) are integrated, significantly expanding the range of functions of imos products.

iMOS solutions for manufacturing and assembly

Fast - precise - economical: Perfectly linked to the machine.
From design or the online store directly to production: iX CAM automatically generates CNC programs for all common machine manufacturers - from the individual machine to the workshop cell to the networked production plant. Internal production processes are taken into account and NC data generation is optimally adapted to the respective production flow. This ensures maximum safety and quality in production.

iMOS solutions for sales

Configure - present - order: Perfect customer service at the point of sale and in the online store.
The sales platform is essential for industrial companies and small businesses. Attract attention through professionalism and convenience: customized space planning, flexible configuration and price information in real time. Intuitive user guidance, photo-realistic displays and high functionality promise an impressive shopping experience.

iMOS solutions for design & ordering

Flexibility - security - scalability: The customer's wish at the center of the designer's attention.
Whether complex furniture pieces, the planning of complete furnishings in architectural environments or a variable product range - our CAD technology is the perfect tool for advanced design, calculation and quotation. Our CAD technology is individually configurable for different business models in industry and commerce and can be adapted to business development.

We've worked with some of the best companies.

We've worked with some of the best companies.

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